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Funding & Liquidity

Woolworths Group manages its capital structure with the objective of enhancing long‑term shareholder value through funding its business at an optimised weighted average cost of capital. 

Debt maturity profile at 27 June 2021


  • Sources of funding and liquidity remain strong








1. Total committed facilities (drawn and undrawn) 


Capital markets debt

Issue amount Outstanding amount Coupon Maturity Tenor (years) Documentation
AUD400m* AUD400m 2.85% Apr-24 5 Term Sheet
AUD400m* AUD400m 1.85% May-25 5 Offering Circular
AUD600m* AUD600m 2.80% May-30 10 Offering Circular
Term Sheet




* The Green Bond A$400m 2024 AMTN and the recent A$400m 2025 AMTN & A$600m 2030 AMTN are now Eligible Securities as granted by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Green Bonds

Woolworths Group was the first retailer in Australia, and first supermarket globally, to issue Green Bonds certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Green Bonds are bonds issued to finance projects, assets or expenditure that deliver positive environmental outcomes or refinance corporate debt that supports such projects, assets or expenditure. We have developed our Green Bond Framework in line with the Green Bond Principles 2018 developed by the International Capital Markets Association.

The documents relevant to our Green Bond issuance(s) are set out below:

Sustainability Linked Bonds

Woolworths Group has chosen to create a Sustainability Linked Bond Framework in order to align its sustainability plan with its long term financing strategy.

Woolworths Group cares deeply about its impact on people and the planet, and we want to go further than just minimising harm – we want to create good. This will be done through ongoing improvement of how Woolworths Group conducts its own business, including how it engages its people and the communities in which it operates.

The documents relevant to our Sustainability Linked Bond Framework are set out as below:


Capital management
Woolworths Group returns capital to shareholders when consistent with its long-term capital structure objectives and where it will enhance shareholder value.

Buy-Back 2021

As part of our capital management strategy, Woolworths Group successfully completed its $2bn off-market buy-back on Monday, 18 October 2021.

The ordinary shares were bought back at $34.46, representing a 14% discount to the Woolworths Group market price of $40.0643 (being the volume weighted average price of Woolworths Group ordinary shares over the five trading days up to and including the closing date of  15 October 2021), and comprised a fully franked dividend component of $30.15 and a capital component of $4.31 per share.

58 million shares were bought back and subsequently cancelled. 

Payments to successful Eligible Shareholders commence on 21, October 2021.

If you are enquiring about whether your offer was successful, please access the Offer website  or call Woolworths Group Share Registry on 1300 368 664 within Australia or +61 1300 368 664 from outside Australia (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 7.30pm, Sydney time) 

Key documents
For copies of any Buy-Back ASX documents, please click here
The documents below should not be distributed or released in or into the United States or Canada. 



Buy-Back 2019

As part of our capital management strategy, Woolworths Group successfully completed its A$1.7bn off-market buy-back on 27 May 2019. 58.7 million shares were brought back and subsequently cancelled.
The key documents below should not be distributed or released in or into the United States or Canada.

Woolworths Notes 


Credit ratings

Woolworths Group is committed to solid investment grade credit ratings. 

  • Credit metrics have significant headroom above thresholds for current ratings

Standard & Poor's
BBB (stable outlook)* Baa2 (stable outlook)*



* These credit ratings have been issued by a credit rating agency which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence with an authorisation to issue credit ratings to wholesale clients only and are published for the benefit of Woolworths Group’s debt providers.


Banking and Finance Oath

Commitment to BFO


The Group Treasury team is the first corporate treasury team in Australia to be recognised as 100% committed to The Banking and Finance Oath (“the BFO”). 

The Banking and Finance Oath (“the BFO”) is an industry-led initiative designed to strengthen the ethical foundation of the financial services industry by encouraging self-reflection and ethical decision-making. Read more about the BFO here.


Group Treasury

(Debt investors and analysts)

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